Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visits with Bryan

We made a couple visits to Bryan and Melissa's last time to finally meet little miss Katie and the next to see Katie blessed. We had good times both times.

Here I am first meeting Katie....doesn't she look happy to see me?What do I do with her now??

We went blueberry picking with them. Boy were there some BIG blueberries on those bushes! It was a bit of a hot day so of course we had to go for ice cream when we were done :o)
The girls went for a swim after naps....I wanted to get in with them it was so hot!

Before church on Sunday...

The baby blessing visit we went to a Sun Flower Maze! The shape of the maze this year is that of a bee!

We let the little girls pick the path for us to go.....we finally had to make an executive decision and take charge or else we would still be in there going around in circles! Even they got tired!! (this is the bee's stinger in the maze!)

Gordon got some great sunflower and bee shots. There were bees all over those sunflowers!
They kept hives at this sunflower farm. They offered honey for sale but we didn't buy any for we had a bunch in our trunk of our own honey!! We may need to plant more sunflowers in the garden in the future for our little bees :-)

The girls were quite entertaining like usual!
The girls LOVE playing with Grandpa Gordon! They were happy to see me but were asking "Where's Grandpa Gordon?" as they were peering around me!!

I hope Bryan and Melissa's camera got better shots than our camera did...our pictures turned out blurry.

We had wonderful trips both times!


Venita Dimmick said...

These are great photos. Bryan and Melissa have a darling family. I like that you get to see them often. What fun grandparents you are!

Kelly said...

I love your dress in the last picture! You look so good!