Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's official....I am an least that is what some of the news media are calling those of us who attended the 9/12 rally or demonstration or whatever you want to call it. My sister, Vicki, flew into town to attend it and I went with her along with Heather who was living with us at the time. ( A wonderful young woman who moved here from Phoenix for a job and we rented out a room to her for a month. She moved out yesterday and I miss her already!)

Anywho ( as my friend would say :p) We went to Washington DC to show our support to the constitution of the United States and to say that we are not pleased or happy with the way things are going at the moment with our government. I really enjoyed it! I have been feeling like I could never speak up and that I had no voice....but this gave me a voice and a place to share my feelings with other people of like minds. It was very powerful and enlightening.

Here are some pictures:

Vicki with her poster

Here is Heather...she had a good time too :o)

I liked this sign...
We had all kinds of patriots marching with us :o)
Vicki and me. My sign read: 'A Patriot must Always be Ready to Defend His Country Against His Government.' -Edward Abbey

There were all kinds there !

I love this Tea Party float!!
This poster was one of my favorties!!

Yeah - this family look like extremists don't they??!!
Vicki is wearing a bumper sticker - says Poop, but what you can't see is "Prisioner of Obama's Politics!"

I liked this mother's poster...

There were just so many great posters!
Walking by this building where the Constitution is held was very humbling. I loved the sign at the bottom of the picture.
Yep - that's me in all my patriotic glory :o)
You can see the Capitol down at the end of the street down thru the crowd.
More of the crowd around the reflective pool.
This sign made me giggle....Look at that crowd!! Thousands of people. It was GREAT!
Some signs just speak for themselves.
I really, really liked this quote...
This made me shake my head....
I wish you could have been there. Maybe next year!