Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall and nursery

I just love the fall season. I love spring, but there is something about fall. I love the colors of fall, the coolness, the crispness, the fresh apples and applesauce donuts (when I can find them!). I love to decorate for fall. So in that spirit, I will share a couple of things that means it's fall at the Weatherbee home....(of course it's gotta mean quilts!) This first quilt I made because I love the colors of the fall leaves. So it is my renedition of the fall leaves! I just love the fun Halloween fabrics so I made this one in honor of the fun side of Halloween.

Oh, Gordon grew these gorgeous pumpkins. They greet you at the door :o)They are the prettiest colors. They are flat on one side, so they don't stand up :o) Fun, Fun!

This is the pumpkin I grew! lol

I went into Nursery today and took a few pictures of Gordon and his nursery kids. I thought you might enjoy a couple of them! The kids think Gordon is part jungle gym! They love him and he loves them. Whenever he leaves the room, I've been told that the room goes quiet as they watch him leave and they wait until he returns :o) One little girl calls him 'Brudduh Wedderbee'. When they go to visit family in Ohio and they take her to that nursery, she just stands at the door and asks "Where's Brudduh Wedderbee?" Of course he's not there, so she won't go in :o)

Gone back to school....kind of!

A friend, Deon Tait, and I took a class this last week at a local scrapbook store. It was for Photoshop Elements. It was a 2 hour class where we took a couple of pictures with us and we created a 12 x12 page. It was a lot of fun, and we came away with a cool page! Of course I have to show off my page! It's not really all that good, but it was fun and I learned a few things in the process (now if they will only stick to me!).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We have little friends....

We have been enjoying our table outside for our meals. I just want to enjoy our pretty weather while we can. We can watch the birds and deer from our deck.

We have 2 particular little friends....little hummingbirds. We have 2 hummingbird feeders. I didn't think we had any little birds around. But low and behold...we do! I have learned that hummingbirds don't play well together. One will come to eat and the other will come and chase it! They are quite fun to watch.
Gordon is gone to Chicago this let the party begin! hehe....That will teach him to leave for a week :o) Who's bringing the chips? Actually, it's pretty lonely around here when he's gone. I asked him to bring me a t-shirt home from Chicago. He just scrunched up his nose and said 'That means I have to go shopping and you know how much I enjoy that!' I tried to get him to get me one from Venzuela, but you'd have thought I had asked him to have his teeth pulled! lol Needless to say, I didn't get one :o(

I am trying to collect t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt. I have been buying some from thrift stores for some samples for my quilting business, but I would like to make one that has some meaning to me or to someone. I've checked the kids closets, but they took their good ones! What's with that??

Not much else this week. We made more salsa. We had a rain storm yesterday...leftovers from the lastest hurrican....can't even remember the name of this one.