Sunday, July 26, 2009

May doings

I haven't posted any of my pictures from our visit to Utah this last May. Craig and I met half way between Grand Junction and Utah and we took this fun picture :o) He was coming from Mother's house and I was going to Mother's house! This is near Green River I think.I had fun at Women's Conference with Jennifer, Vicki, Angela and Michelle. I only got a couple pictures of Jennifer and I though :o( I need to be more diligent with my camera!

I had fun with Lylia and Maddy....oh yea....the parents were fun too :o)

Kelly made a pretty Mother's Day breakfast....
I even got to see Sister Glueu for a short visit :o)

Tim and Venita visit

Tim and Venita and their family were here in Maryland visiting Tim's mother a week ago. They came over for dinner (we BBQ'd chicken using Grandpa Larson's famous chicken recipe!). We also had homemade icecream....raspberry and peach! Yum!! Tricia, Brent, Amy and Joey came over too. We had a nice evening. After dinner the kids played crochet out on the back lawn...unfortunately, Lizzie got stung by a yellow jacket. Darn that bug!! Poor Lizzie :o( Of course I forgot to pull out the camera!

The next day, after a doctor's appointment I met Venita and the family up at Gettysburg. They have a new museum up there. They had already been through it, but I told Gordon that we need to go back up there to see it. But anyway - we went over to the outlets and had lunch and proceeded to do some shopping! It was fun just to hang out and visit with them. We then went to Tim's mother's favorite restaurant and I had my first soft-shell crab sandwich! Interesting is all I can say! At least I can say I have had one.

Later that same week, I hosted a meeting for my longarm quilting group. I made this fruit tart for the first time. It was sooooo good! Plus it was pretty too.
I cut these flowers from the side of my house. Look how big they are!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Daddy's funeral

It's been a couple of months since Daddy died and I finally feel like posting some of the pictures from the funeral.

Some pictures from the viewing.

From the graveside:

Saying goodbye...

Steven, Larry, David Larson

At the luncheon:
Jennifer, Kelly, Carrie, Gordon, Bryan, Levi

Jennifer, Maddy, John, Kelly, Lylia, Carrie, Gordon, Bryan, Levi

Odell and Dixie Larson Family

Brent, Sherrie, her husband (sorry can't think of his name), Bruce

Galen Kidd, Jerry Kidd, Sherrie, Rowena, Mother (Dixie)
Bradley, Amy, Angela, Craig

Carrie, Gordon

Phillip, Lisa