Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Dazed!

Here are a few photos from the snow day we had yesterday!


I's almost Christmas and I am just bloggin Thanksgiving pictures! Just be glad it's BEFORE Christmas :o) Here are some of the highlights from Bryan and Melissa's visit.

Watching the Thanksgiving paradeOutside playing
Leftovers anyone?
Guess I didn't get any pictures this year of the actual feast!

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium. Had a great time!

At the bubble tubes...They loved watching the fish

Waiting for the Westminster Christmas parade to start :o) (Gordon actually had a good time! He just doesn't look like it!) Did I say it was COLD??
More fun outside. Parachuting off the deck...

Most people may have GI Joe parachuting, but we had 2 princesses in the house. So.......
(No one was injured in this fun!)

Then came out the bubble gun!