Sunday, February 14, 2010

This storm beat out the last storm ..... tired of shoveling!

This is a little over kill, but so was the storm! So I will make you suffer along with me! hehe (can you tell we were traumatized by all the snow?) I feel like we live in Lake Tahoe without the benefits of the ski lifts!

Looking out the sliding door. The snow was chest deep.
The swing with the last snow fall.
Looking out at the beehives! Can you see them?!
The deck.....look how blue the sky is!
May not look like a lot of snow he is plowing, but he had been plowing a number of times before this just to keep up! His left arm was killing him by the time he was finished...poor guy. I see a snow blower sometime in our future :o)
Front walk...Why we didn't have church for 2 weeks in a row......

We did a lot of baking of bread, brownies, lemon bars and soup! Yummmm..... what is it about snow that brings out the homemaking skills?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The snow storm to beat all snow storms

That was some snowfall here! Here are some of the pics we took during and after.

Gordon took a series. He took one shot every hour Friday afternoon into the evening and the next morning.It's a good thing he snow plowed at midnight the night before...this would have been a lot worse!

Our neighbor...his driveway runs the entire length of our property! And I think WE have a long way to plow!
The garden and beehives...The swing set!

The glider swing.
My busy little snow plower!
I know there's a walkway somewhere here......Sorry for all the pictures! But this was quite the snowstorm and there's a LOT of snow here :D