Monday, June 14, 2010

Can I make it up to you?

My oh's been a long time since I visited! I have a lot to blog about but I don't really have time to do it! But here are some pictures of Bryan and Melissa's visit before their cute little baby was born!

We had such a good time. We went to the Baltimore Zoo
where we had a picnic and the girls got to feed the giraffe!

We also celebrated Amber's birthday while they were here. Look at the cute cake Melissa decorated! It has a zoo theme using frosted animal cookies. It was Yummy too besides being cute!

We have a Little Tykes Car that the girls all like and we got Amber a little trike for her birthday. We took Amber out of the little car and put her on the trike. She looked at the trike and she looked at the car and looked back at the trike and yelled out "NO...I don't want it!!" We all busted out laughing! So we put her back in the car and Robyn got on the trike and LOVED it! Oh glad someone likes it :o)

Robyn and Grandpa Gordon flew kites that he brought back from China.
Amber LOVES to slide.

Melissa machine quilted 2 quilts she made for the girls' 'big' beds while she was here. She did a nice job!She's such a happy quilter :o)
We were sad to see them leave...

And THIS is what has happened since the visit!.....
She's so happy to be home...Getting ready for her visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house! Gotta protect those pretty eyes :o)

Gordon found this under our deck.....aaahhhhh!

The bee man cometh...
Actually - the Maryland bee inspector showed up at our door on Memorial Day to check out Gordon's hives. They passed with 'flying' colors!
Take a look at those pretty grape plants in the background and the raspberries in the front :o)