Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disney Marathon

Gordon and I flew down to sunny, warm sleeting, freezing Florida to see Venita and family and to be volunteers at Disney World's Half Marathon on Saturday morning! We got up at 3:30am to get there by 4:30am. We were at water station #6 :o) There were 17,102 finishers on our race! WOW!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera, so Venita took a picture of us volunteers after the event. Venita came down with the flu so she didn't feel well enough to go with us :o( I was so sad for her. It was because of her efforts that we were all signed up for the event! There was Sarah, Tim, Gordon and I. We were layered up to the gills! I had on a sweater, fleece jacket, ski coat, plus the wind breaker and a rain poncho they gave us. It was COLD! What ever happened to going to Florida in the winter to get away from the cold up north?

Gordon and I each came down with the flu too! I got sick Sunday morning and Gordon got sick Monday morning....ugh! But we still managed to have a good time :o)

The missionaries came for dinner Monday night. I took some dipping chocolate with us, so we had a great dessert of dipping all kinds of goodies into dark Belgium chocolate....yuummm!

Thanks Venita and Tim for a good time :o) Next year, same time?....but with warmer weather please?


Lori said...

I hope some saint in Texas is feeding Spencer belgian chocholate!!! Sounds like you guys had fun (not the flu part).

Kelly said...

Fun pictures mom. Sorry you were sick!