Sunday, January 11, 2009

January update

I realized that I haven't posted anything since before it is time for an update!

We went to Bryan and Melissa's a couple days after Christmas so we could see them and their new house. We had a good time with good food,
fun games, and great company! Oh - and did I say snow?? Here are a couple pictures looking out their front window!We also had fun playing with the helicopter he got for Christmas.

I was in the mood on New Year's Day for something yummy and homemade, so I decided that I was hungry from some warm, homemade bread. So is used a recipe from the Lion House cookbook and made this whole wheat bread and sweet rolls. Of course I used my cookbook holder Jennifer gave me and the pretty red pan from Jenny! It was really good. They slid out of the pan a little too easy and made this mess! But it was still exceptionally yummy! I will have to share the recipe with you. If you want it let me know and I will send it your way.

Kelly gave us this cute bird feeder and it is being put to good use! The local birdies LOVE you, Kelly! (the picture was taken from inside the house out of the window...sorry for the fuzzy picture!)

I have also started the red wall quilt for a customer. Here is a sneak peak! I really like the fabrics.


As Told By Molly said...

Thank-you for the award, Carrie! I've never won anything like it and I am really honored. I will come through with my end this week.

I attempted sticky buns last month and they didn't turn out anything like yours. But I do have a Lion's House cookbook courtesy of a brother-in-law from a few Christmas back. Maybe it's time to dust it off and try again.

Your quilts are inspiring. I am just barely getting into the swing of sewing. So far I’ve got a pretty good straight stitch down!

Kelly said...

I love the quilts mom. I wish I lived closer so then I could quilt my own quilts. It looks like fun! And I really like that the birds like the bird feeder! That makes me really happy. Thanks for posting that picture!