Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the winner is.........(drumroll)

It's me! I won the Judges Choice award for the quilt challenge Tuesday night at my local quilt guild, Four County Quilt Guild! woohoo!! The challenge was to make something from something that inspired us. This is what I chose.....

This is what I created! Cool, huh?!
Close up of one of the cute bees!

I won a $20 gift card to a local quilt shop! Yippee!!! I've never won anything for any of my quilts. Of course it might help to actually enter something into a contest!

Tomorrow, I actually have my first customer quilt to quilt. Actually....I have quilted for Ginny Hurt and my Aunt Janet. But this is a quilt that a total stranger is entrusting to me.....scary! I will post pictures when I am done.

Here is another little quilt I have recently just finished. It is a quilt-as-you-go type. so when you are done sewing it, it is quilted also!

Oh....oh....I also got my first consignment to make a quilt for someone! She wants me to make her this quilt -

I had it as a display at my craft show and a couple of ladies asked about buying it and one came back asking me to make her one just like it :o)

I haven't put up any Christmas decorations yet...too busy. But I did manage to get up my snowman quilt and needle punched snowman. So let it snow!


jen&john&maddy said...

Wow, that's amazing! It sounds like your quilting business really is picking up! I haven't forgotten about the pictures, I will send them to you today. They are just on John's computer and he's not home right now (I told yesterday was busy). :) Congratulations! I really love that bee quilt. I'm impressed.

Deon said...

Sweet! Congrats - love the bee thingie.