Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Three engineers are riding in a car: an electrical engineer, a chemical engineer, and a Microsoft engineer. Suddenly the car stalls and stops by the side of the road. The three engineers look at each other with bewilderment, wondering what could be wrong.

The electrical engineer, not knowing much about mechanics, suggests: "Let's strip down the electronics of the car and try to trace where a fault might have occurred."

The chemical engineer, not knowing much about electronics, suggests: "Maybe the fuel has become emulsified and is causing a blockage somewhere in the system."

The Microsoft engineer suggests: "Why don't we close all the windows, get out, get back in, open the windows again, and maybe it'll work!?"

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As Told By Molly said...

Hi Carrie! I saw your comment on Jennifer's blog and thought I would pop in to say hello to you.
I was actually in DC in May. We visited my husband's sister who lives in Virginia, but works in DC. I was the official tour guide since I was the only one who had been there before, thanks to you!

Come stop by my family's blog any time;